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Ski store Marin | Uli Seiler Ski Shop
Experts in Boot Fitting.
Experts in Boot Fitting.
Experts in Boot Fitting.
Experts in Boot Fitting.
Experts in Boot Fitting.

Closed until Oct 1st. See you in the fall!

               Fischer SOMA vacuum 110         
       Custom Boot Fitting
We are committed to boot fitting excellence. We specialize in custom insoles, Fischer vacuum boots, Intuition Liners and stance alignment. 

               Jr. Ski Lease
Rent kids ski and board equipment for the season.  Whether you have a beginner or a teen racing the Tahoe league, we have equipment for you!

                 Shop Talk
Shop Talk is an ongoing and informational page sharing with you all that we know about your equipment.  Check it out every couple weeks.
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Before you put your skis away for the season, there are a few things that you can do to help preserve the life of your equipment.

It goes without saying that you always want to clean and thoroughly dry your skis before storing. In the old days shops used paint thinner to clean them, but now a good citrus cleaner is a better choice. Be sure to clean the edges well as there is often salt and grime from the road on them. This is the stuff that really ruins your edges. The only way to assure that you have cleaned it all off is to have the edges tuned before storage. Believe it or not, dings and scratches that are not smoothed out can promote rust development. If you can’t have the skis tuned, a gummy stone is a good alternative. Run it along the edges. 

After you clean the edges, apply a heavy coat of wax to protect skis from moisture. Store in a cool dry place. If you have to store them in the garage, elevate the skis off of the cement floor. Best to not store skis in a bag. If you do, keep the bag open. 

To extend the life of your bindings, relax the spring tension on your bindings while they are in storage. Lock the heel in the up position and back off the din scale to the lowest setting. 

In the fall, scrape the wax and hit the slopes.

Does your child race on Tahoe League or Far West? Well you do not have to make the long drive to Tahoe for Race Night any longer. Uli Seiler’s is able to get the same skis and boots at the same discounts racers receive at Race Night. We do not stock all of the skis, so come in before mid- October, we will access your needs, and order the equipment necessary to be standing on the podium at the end of the season.

We understand the love of skiing and wanting your little ones to start skiing before they walk. Equipment is expensive, especially for the ever growing child. We are proud to offer a Season Lease Program for your little ones and teens.  

Parents rent the skis at the beginning of the season and keep them all season long. Lease program includes boots, skis, and bindings. We also lease snowboard equipment. Skis come freshly tuned, waxed and adjusted. No more waiting in rentals lines! 

During the season if your child grows out of any equipment we will replace it free of charge. 

Basic Lease Package starts at $80. Additional charge for race boots, adult boots, twin tips and adult skis.
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Ray Web with his Shop Dog Bill
Ray Webb
Master Boot Fitter
Steve Thunen Getting Run the Pacific Crest Trail From Sugar Bowl to Squaw Valley
Steve Thunen
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Gabrielle Thunen
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Tute Marini
Shop Tech

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